Final Documentation/Dossier Format

The intent of this format is to define the requirement/procedure for the compilation and
submission of final documentation/dossier for handover to Consultant at the end of contract.

Subcontract agreement no xxxx

Final Documentation/Dossier
Subcontractor shall submit a final documentation/dossier including its index for Consultant
review and approval. The index of the dossier shall contain the document, technical data or
record of inspection and QAQC contribution during performance of the service.
Detail document as noted in the subcontract document deliverable register (latest revision) shall
be included in the final documentation/dossier.
Final documentation/dossier is parts of subcontract agreement between Consultant and
Sub Contractor as described in exhibit A subcontract no xxxx dated 17
September 2007

Format and Layout
The format and layout of the dossier shall be in accordance with the following list;
1. Index and Table of Content
2. Subcontract Agreement no xxxxxxxx and its Amendment
3. Project Management Plan
4. Company Specification and Procedure
5. QA/QC Record
6. Vendor Final Documentation
7. Miscellaneous Record
Each section shall have a tabbed divider with the section detail or number on the tab. A front
sheet shall preface each section and describe detail of the content of the section, including an
index if is not clearly detailed on the above check list, which shall be included in each binder.
Detail document which are not clearly described on the above list will be advised and listed on the
other file attached to this final documentation/dossier procedure.

Front of Book
Index and table of content shall be provided at the front of book and shall clearly indicate the
project title, book title, book number and volume number in which specific data/record required
can be found.

A general introduction shall be provided by subcontractor in book 1 volume 1 giving detail about
the project overview and sub project/contract where applicable.

Project Summary
A Project summary shall be prepared and presented after introduction section in book 1 volume
A project summary shall details a latest project status that it has been achieved by subcontractor
at the end of contract. A subcontractor may giving the detail of how many work order closed,
cancel, remaining work order, latest value, progress achievement, status of non conformance
was taken of, detail corrective and preventive action that ever taken, quality engineer contribution
to the project and others highlight during performance of the service.

Subcontract Agreement and its Amendment
Subcontract agreement including its amendment shall be included in the final
documentation/dossier. It then followed by latest subcontract document deliverable register.

Project Management Plan
Each subcontractor perform the work under Project Management shall prepare a project management plan before commencement the work.
Subcontractor’s project management plans that are included in the final documentation/dossier
shall have Consultant’s stamp indicate review and approval from Consultant have been
Project management plan, as a minimum, shall consist of; project execution plan, quality
management system plan (project quality plan), project control management plan and HES
management system plan.
Project management plan shall be the latest revision.

Company Specification and Procedure
Company specification is intended to define project specification and giving the outline to
subcontractor about minimum requirement during performance of the service.
All company specification and procedure pertaining to pressure vessel, pipeline and storage tank
inspection service shall be presented in the dossier.

Quality Record
Quality record is systematically format/procedure developed by subcontractor to collect, index,
file, store, maintain, and turnover to Consultant and or Company at the end of service. All
quality activity such as; developing process control (procedure), inspection procedure, ITP,
assigning quality personnel, inspection and testing, verification, audit, continual improvement,
calibration and others related to quality shall be documented in section of quality record.
Quality record is intended to showing QAQC contribution to the project.
Quality record, as a minimum, shall consist of the following;
– Quality organization including qualification of personnel
– Quality process control, which shall consist of procedure, standard operating, guideline
and work practice
– Procedure to adequately control the inspection and testing.
– Inspection Record
– Record of concession request or RFI
– Non conformance log and record and its report
– Corrective and preventive action were taken of
– Audit report by subcontractor QA/QC’s engineer
– Record of data sheet and test certificate (acceptance)
Procedure, standard operating, guideline and work practice shall be latest revision and shall have
Consultant and Company approval.

Vendor Final Documentation
Where any equipment used during performance of the service that is supplied by sub vendor, a
clear and legible copies of manufacturing data record shall be provided and these will be verified
by Consultant and or Company.

Miscellaneous Record
All document pertain the project that are not described and detailed in above section, shall be
include in miscellaneous record.
This section may include; minutes of meeting, weekly and monthly report produced during the
project, latest work order register, closed work order and its certificate (if any), project
correspondence and etc.
Any technical agreement that has not been incorporated in procedure shall be presented in
miscellaneous record.

Audit Reports
Any audit performed by Consultant and or Company during the performance of the inspection
service shall be included in the final documentation / dossier and be presented at miscellaneous
An audit carried out by subcontractor QA/QC engineer shall contain at quality record section.

Binders Format
Binders Type
Binders shall be A4 with the color of white and shall have 3 holes.
Each binder shall have a plastic cover on the front and spine for inserting the cover page and
spine detail.

Front Spine and Information
Each book shall have a front page and spine inserted into the plastic covers in accordance with
the attachment of this format/procedure (page 5 and 6).
Front page and spine information in each book, as a minimum, shall include the following;
1. Project title
2. Book title
3. Book number
4. Volume number
5. Subcontractor name
6. Document number

Binders Content
Binders shall be set out in accordance with the above section of this procedure and each binder
shall be no more than 90 % full content. This is intended to leaving space for any additional
information which might be added in later at Consultant and or Company discretion.

Consultant Review and Approval
The final documentation or dossier shall be submitted to Consultant for review and approval
after completion of the contract.
Consultant will not approve for any uncompleted and unsatisfied data or record that should be
included in the final documentation/dossier.
Subcontractor shall responsible to complete the unapproved dossier until approval from Consultant is obtained.
The final documentation or dossier will be reviewed and approved on site. A certificate of
handover final documentation /dossier shall be required by subcontractor.
The final documentation/dossier shall be dispatched to Consultant and or Company at
subcontractor expense.

Attachment 1 Data book cover page
Attachment 2 Data book spine information


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  1. I would have this document

  2. Salam kenal Pak,
    Saya mau minta tolong ini Pak, apakah Bapak memiliki dokumen term of reference (TOR) untuk konstruksi Storage Tank? Kalau ada, mohon dishare kepada saya, karena saya sedang membutuhkan dokumen tersebut. Kalau memang dokumen itu sifatnya confidential, saya mohon guidance Bapak untuk penyusunan TOR untuk konstruksi Storage Tank. Kalau Bapak bersedia, harap informasinya di alamat email saya berikut ini,
    Atas perhatian Bapak saya ucapkan banyak terima kasih.


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