Dew Point Chart

How to measure & calculate DP & RH



How to measure & calculate DP & RH




3 Responses

  1. Assalamu’alaikum….

    Salam kenal Pak Lukman….
    Saya mau bertanya ne..saya baru2 ini inspeksi tangki milik Pertamina jambi…..dan untuk data2 mereka,seperti dokumen tidak lengkap….apa yg hrs sy lakukan..saya sudah mengeluarkan NCR buat mereka….

  2. with over 45 years experience in quality/inspection/NDT etc in an oil and gas refining industry ,I consider the material presented here to be super professional . Congratulations on your vast knowledge and experience and the clarity of your articles .

    I love your think your charts are some of the best I have seen. One favor i would ask is that I would like your permission to use your material for non profit training of young people in the our field would appreciate though if you could send me clearer copies of your charts

    At 64 and retired I want to give back and pass on as much of my knowledge to the younger folk .

    Thank You

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